Who I am - davidaitken
Hello, welcome to my galleries! My name is David Aitken.

I am based in Melbourne, Australia. I work full time as an accountant and as a photographer in my spare time.

My photography interests are travel, landscapes, people and animals.

I am a not-for-profit photographer with all profits being provided to those who need it most via Kiva.org.

Kiva.org is a platform to provide micro finance to those who can not access finance through traditional methods (banking institutions).

Recently my wife, Kate, and I went on our honeymoon to Africa for 8 weeks. We met amazing people, saw diverse landscapes & experienced the local flora and fauna.

In appreciation of our amazing journey to Africa all Kiva loans will be supporting the citizens of Africa.

Please check out of my photos and support those in Africa who require a hand.

P.S. Sign up to Kiva today and browse the thousands of borrowers who would appreciate your help!

As at June 2015 I have lent over US$1,500 with 49 loans.

My GOAL for December 2015 is $3,000 and June 2016 is $5,000